Out of the Easy - This is not a book I would usually read. But I'm a huge fan of Ruta and [b:Between Shades of Gray|7824322|Between Shades of Gray|Ruta Sepetys||10870318]

Josie is the daughter of a whore and that has followed her around her entire life. At 17, she's done pretty well for herself. She's graduated high school and works at a bookstore in exchange for a place to live. But she wants out. She wants to escape the Quarter and start again. But with every step she takes forward, the city seems to pull her back.

Like Between Shades of Gray, Ruta excels at describing Josie's world and her friends so that you feel you are there with her but the pages aren't clogged with unnecessary explanations.

Out of The Easy grabs you from page one and keeps you entertained throughout.

Note: I received this book as an ARC from LibraryThing.