daynight (Volume 1) - Megan Thomason This review has taken me two days to write. I've brainstormed in the shower and on my drive to work what I wanted to cover and i've written, erased, and rewritten paragraphs multiple times. So short and sweet: This is a really good book. It easily got a spot on my Favorites shelf.

I love that the government is well thought out and a major part of the plot. I'm not going to name any titles but so many ya dystopia books in the past few years uses the dystopia setting as just the setting, when it could be explored so much more.

Thera fascinates me. I'm terrified of it, but I also kind of want to live there. There's a lot of hints and foreshadowing that Theran government has a large part in Earth government and I can't wait to see that through.

I really liked the multiple perspectives. It adds to the story without slowing it down. I especially liked when individual scenes were done by multiple characters.

While I loved this book, it has flaws. The pacing is the one that sticks out the most to me. Some parts are too slow (notably any scene involving explaining the light/dark DNA) and some are too fast (I had to read the kitchen scene several times to fully grasp what happened).

Overall, daynight is incredible and I urge fans of the genre to give it a read.

Note: I won this books through Goodreads' First Reads.