25 Perfect Days - Mark Tullius, Anthony Szpak This book deserves a lot more recognition and press than it's currently getting. It's one of the most original books in the genre I've ever read. 25 Perfect Days is realistic. Little changes over time lead to a crumbling society; there isn't One Big Event that occurs.

While the book is made up of 25 stand alone stories, many of the characters appear more than once. This makes the stories more emotional (you get more invested in these characters) and it highlights how short the timeline is.

Tullius seems to love writing part of the story and forcing the reader to connect the dots for themselves. This can be frustrating but the payoff is worth it.

I want to note my favorite story. I forget the name of it (the title expired on Netgalley before I could write it down), but it's the story of the family going to the DMV. Tullius took something as routine and mundane as going to the DMV and with a few short paragraphs makes your blood run cold. Incredible writing.