Level 2  - Lenore Appelhans I actually finished this last night, but I needed some time to process everything.

Felicia is dead. That's not a spoiler, nor a huge cliff hanger reveal. She hasn't gone to heaven or hell, she's stuck in a giant waiting room. She spends her day watching and sharing her memories on a sort of in-house Youtube with her pod mates. As Felicia starts to get restless for what seems like a future of eternity in this pod, weird things start happening. A friend goes missing, she notices glitches in her memories, she sees a boy she once knew walk by a window that wasn't there a moment ago. Soon after, Felicia finds herself wrapped up in a war between heaven, and those who run Level 2.

Throughout the book we revisit Felicia's life through her memories. She visits them out of order so every time a question about Felicia is answered, three more questions pop up. I found myself much more interested in learning about Felicia and her story over the war.

Level 2 ends with a pretty definitive final note so I'm curious to see how this turns into a series.

Note: I received an ARC of this book from Simon and Schuster.