Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother's Compulsive Hoarding - Jessie Sholl For those that don't know, in the real world, I'm a social worker. And hoarding fascinates me.

This memoir follows Jessie through about two years of her life, with lots of stories about the past. Her mother develops colon cancer and so she goes back home to take care of her and to clean her house..again. Her mother wants to sign over the house to Jessie for financial reasons. Jessie can't go through with it. The house is a literal and figurative dump and she doesn't want that responsibility.

Jessie spends most of the book remembering what it was like growing up with the weird and often abusive mother (embarrassing) and how that translates to her adult life (she still embarrassed and she doesn't own a lot of stuff).

The book is a really interesting read. You learn about a family coming together and breaking apart over and over again over a mental illness.