Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz - Eva Mozes Kor, Lisa Rojany Buccieri Surviving the Angel of Death is [b:Echoes From Auschwitz: Dr. Mengele's Twins: The Story Of Eva And Miriam Mozes|1389373|Echoes From Auschwitz Dr. Mengele's Twins The Story Of Eva And Miriam Mozes|Eva Mozes Kor||1379457] adapted for young readers. I haven't read Echoes From Auschwitz (though I plan to) so I can't comment on the adaptation.

The book's focus is on Romania and Dr. Mengele's experiments on twins. I studied the Holocaust several times during school, but I can't remember ever discussing Romania and Dr. Mengele was only ever briefly mentioned.

I think this is a great book that teachers should check out for their students.