Closure of the Helpdesk — A Geek Tragedy - Ali Sheikh This book could be really great, but there's two major issues in it:

1) The author promises no jargon. However, there's still quite a bit of it in here.

"'Let's see,' Myeng said, 'so far we've got a strategic partnership, investment plans over ten years, hedges against currency fluctuations, marketing rights for South Seas on Bodega software, possible equity participation in the future, and a subsidiary for us in Silicon Valley-'"

I may speak a bit of tech geek but a LOT of this book is from an accountant's point of view and it's often hard to follow.

2) The timeline. I really like that the plot takes the reader back and forth in time, from the beginnings of Bodega, to Sam joining the company, and to how it was all ruined. But there's no transition or indication and it often jumps more than once in a page.

I'm going to side with Jessica and suggest that this book is in need of impartial editing.

Note: I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.